Reach more travellers than ever before

ATIS 2.0 on multiple devices

In addition to being the gateway to participate in Travel Alberta’s marketing programs, ATIS 2.0 will distribute information about your business to the websites and mobile apps of a growing network of tourism marketing partners. We want to make it easy for travellers to find information about your travel experience, whether they are looking for you at home or on the go, no matter what device or online resource they are using.

As easy as 1..2..3

ATIS 2.0 on a Macbook

Marketing your tourism business online shouldn’t be a headache, so we developed ATIS 2.0 with non-technical business users in mind. We improved the user interface, added dozens of new features and included tips and tricks to guide you along the way. Our goal is to make it easy to create and manage an online presence that any tourism marketing ninja would be envious of.

Create marketing programs that support your business

Whether you are looking to increase awareness of your travel experience, drive sales during slower periods, or expand to international markets, ATIS 2.0 provides the flexibility to create marketing programs that are best suited for the unique needs of your business.

  • Megaphone

    Increase Awareness

    Expand your reach by promoting your travel experience across a network of websites and mobile apps that travellers use to make travel decisions.

  • Revenues

    Drive Revenues

    ATIS 2.0 connects you to travellers who are ready to buy. Promote your travel offers to drive direct lead referrals and sales.

  • Heart

    Build Customer Loyalty

    Use articles, imagery and travel reviews to nurture and convert traveller interest by providing them with compelling content that tells your business’ story.

  • Globe

    Target International Markets

    ATIS 2.0 makes it easy to promote your export ready travel experiences to international travellers looking to visit Alberta.

Street performer

Traveller insights

ATIS 2.0 makes it easy to understand how travellers find your business and interact with your content so you can reach more of the right travellers. Access reports show how many lead referrals you received and from where, which travel offers are performing best, traveller demographics and more.

Preview of ATIS 2.0 reporting

Stay on top of traveller reviews

Bad reputation – good for rock stars, bad for business. ATIS 2.0 makes it easy to monitor your online reputation with real-time traveller reviews from Trip Advisor.

Preview of ATIS 2.0 reviews