Your websites, mobile applications, social channels, and email marketing programs require a continuous supply of timely and accurate tourism product content. As a free content service, ATIS 2.0 makes it easier for tourism marketing partners to create digital marketing programs that engage potential travellers and drive visitation to and around Alberta.

How it works


ATIS 2.0 aggregates tourism product content from thousands of travel providers, data aggregators and travellers.

Enrich & Localize

Aggregated content is enriched and reformatted to industry standards. Export ready product content is translated by professional translators.


Tourism product content is made available to approved tourism marketing partners to use in their marketing channels.

Flow of ATIS 2.0 Content
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Freedom to create

The flexible content structure and real-time search capabilities of ATIS 2.0 make it easy to create pretty much anything you can think of while maintaining control of your own user experiences.

  • Tools

    Trip Planning Tools

    Help travellers discover Alberta travel experiences based on their travel interests, location, or time of year they intend to travel.

  • Map

    Interactive Maps

    Provide travellers with a geographic reference to tourism experiences by displaying them on Google Maps or any interactive map of your choice.

  • Calendar

    Event Calendars

    Create interactive event calendars and event guides that showcase events and festivals in your region.

  • Galleries

    Inspiration Galleries

    Inspire travel to your region with content dashboards containing articles, photos, and traveller reviews of local experiences.

  • Travel Deal

    Travel Deal Programs

    Create engaging multi-channel travel deal programs to convert traveller interest and drive lead referrals to tourism suppliers.

  • Itinerary

    Travel Itineraries

    Provide recommended travel itineraries based on experience type, location or travel route, or create the ability for travellers to create and share itineraries with their friends.

  • Cart

    Lead Nurturing Programs

    Target travellers in the consideration phase of the path to purchase with tourism product content that matches their travel interests and location.

  • Book

    Travel Guides

    Create digital or printed travel guides that highlight local attractions, parks, accommodations, visitor information centers, natural wonders and more.

  • Megaphone

    Location Aware Applications

    Show travellers tourism experiences that are close to them or along their intended travel route.

  • Location

    Localized Experiences

    Create digital marketing programs that target international travellers with translated and localized tourism product content.

Always connected

High performance and secure technology infrastructure ensures instant and reliable delivery of tourism product content anywhere in the world.

Preview of ATIS 2.0 on cloud platform
  • Cloud

    Cloud Infrastructure

    High availability distributed architecture was built on the same Microsoft Azure Cloud used by leading companies such as: Ford, Xbox, GE, 3M, Xerox, and Pier 1.

  • Chart

    High Performance

    ATIS 2.0 is capable of handling millions of simultaneous search queries from tourism marketing partners around the world.

  • Heart


    ATIS 2.0 utilizes the same level of security used by leading financial and government institutions including: public key cryptography, HTTPS, SSL, 128-bit encryption, and is monitored 24 x 7 by a leading third party security service.

  • Globe

    Data Management Tools

    ATIS 2.0 includes support for bulk data imports as well as automated data transfers and updates from your existing systems.

Tools and support. Every step of the way.

To help tourism marketing partners, we are providing the tools and support you need to build compelling online invitations to visit Alberta using ATIS 2.0. Our team of digital marketing and technical strategists can help you plan your next website, mobile app or email marketing program. Our Product Content Reference and Developer Documentation will get you up and running quickly. Our support team is available to answer any questions that might come up as you work.

If you are a tourism marketing organization looking to leverage ATIS 2.0 in your marketing programs, please contact us.

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